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My name is Nick Veenhof. I'm passionate about open source. Nice to meet you!

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Moving from Drupal 7 to Jekyll & GitLab pages

Some context in advance. Many years ago I created this blog to show the world, and my family, how my adventures in Spain were going. At the time I ventured into a masters program in Barcelona. This was nearly 14...

Disable all caches on Drupal 8

When I was porting Mollom to drupal 8 I noticed that when I did a hook_form_alter, it wasn’t showing the comment form ID as debug information. An important detail is that the page was viewed by an anonymous user. mollom.module...

Drupal Search and Solr office hours 2012/03/13

We had another Drupal Search and Solr office hours. This time mkalkbrenner came to us with a list of issues that he really wanted to see resolved as he already applied them in production. His use case was a (pay...