First and foremost, I’m a father of 2 wonderful daughters and a husband to my amazing wife.

I have been involved in open source communities for almost 15 years now, with the majority of that in the Drupal ecosystem, but have interacted with a lot more technologies. I’m no stranger to cloud infrastructure and the devops iterative way-of-working. Aside from technology, I try to be a good coach & mentor by embracing change and to lead by example. Next to this, I am advocating Open Source.

Currently I’m the Director of Contributor Success at GitLab. I’m working on how to make it easier and more rewarding to contribute to GitLab with my team. Why? We believe that by growing the community, we can grow the happiness of all our users. And as a result of that, that will grow GitLab and create a dual-flywheel effect.

I try to make our digital world a better and more open place compared to yesterday, every day.