Call to action: using open source initiatives to stop the leak in the Gulf

Since a week or 2 I am following an ethics class here in the UPC organised by the university of Georgiatech. Now, we got the assignment to write a paper about a ethical issue in our information age. This is what I came up with.

Tony O'Driscoll wrote the following article at 26th May 2010 making it a very recent and actual opinion piece about the subject.

“CALL TO ACTION: Let’s stop the spill the open source way”

Basically it tries to wonder why we cannot gather efforts together like an open source community to stop the oil spill that currently and apparently cannot be stopped. At first glance it might not have the computing part that we were searching in an issue but if you read further it is just this computing world that according to the author has to step up and learn the rest of us how to use the open source mechanisms to solve real life problems like this oil leak.

Attached you can find my complete writeup. I hope some of you will find it interesting!