About Me

Currently, I am employed at Dropsolid as a their Chief Technical Officer. Before this I fulfilled the roles of a Scrum Master and Principal Architect at Acquia.

Technologies I worked with on a day to day basis are languages such as GoLang, Python, Ruby, PHP and Amazon AWS services such as Cloudformation, EC2 & VPC, DynamoDB and more.

I strongly believe that software deployments have to be very robust and one of the main drivers behind our change management is to launch a new machine for each change, and each step needs to be reproducible, testable and revertible to the slightest detail. I also fully embrace the http://12factor.net/ manifesto and learned a ton from the book "The practice of Cloud System Administration".

Aside of technology, I try to be a good Scrum Master and Technical Architect by embracing change and to lead by example. Obviously I'm still learning the tricks of the trade.

You can easily find more about me by googling Nick Veenhof or my alias Nick_vh to find some of my open source contributions. Some examples can be found at https://www.drupal.org/u/nick_vh and https://github.com/nickveenhof. I obtained a Master in Information and Technology in Barcelona, Spain - which I must say is a wonderful city!

I'm also advocating Open Source and especially the Open Source project Drupal. This software crossed my path during my Bachelor program and took up a significant part of my career when I started to use it for professional purposes in several Drupal-focussed development shops.